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  • Hi Be Fresh Fit friends, today kicks off week 2 of training for the Nike Women Half Marathon - I'm proud to say week one went very close to the training plan that I am following. I've cleaned up my eating last week as well and continued to do so over the weekend. -- I will keep an update as I travel and try to keep up my training over the next week and a half.
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Remember when @crisalina05 quit her gym this summer? Well she’s finding the right one and sharing her tips on #bff #befreshfit #waistnotwednesday (Taken with Instagram)


What are your favorite #fitnessapps? @erinnorton is #apptastic - read her favorites at #bff #befreshfit #mapmyrun #niketraining #nikeplus #fitbit #allrecipes #lift (Taken with Instagram at


One of my favorite commercials, so many excuses not to work out “tooooo tired” -gf